Dilatant’s Mission

The Dilatant mission is to become the recognized leader for creating superior products that provide controlled head motion.

Today’s Protective Head Gear

Current head and body protective gear provide excellent protection against fatal injuries, but they use inextensible straps that limit voluntary motion and aren’t able to properly control violent head and neck motion.

The Dilatant Solution

Dilatant’s Decelerate Straps provide a new level of protection. The Decelerate Straps incorporate Shear Thickening Fluid (STF) which is a Non-Newtonian fluid where the shear viscosity increases with applied shear stress. This behavior is only one type of deviation from Newton’s Law. STFs exhibit fluid-like properties at low deformation rates, but solid-like properties at high deformation rates. By building the Straps into various biomechanical suits to help reduce violent head motion during an impact, which will reduce likelihood of a head injury.

Dilatant’s Decelerate products have been invited to following challenges:


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